Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DRW

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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Station Tour - DFWA/DRW - Scheidegg - QRT September 2009

The Contest Cow welcomes you at DFWA!


The DFWA contest station started to grow in 2002, when we took the opportunity to install some antennas for the CQWW contests in portable style at the farm of DG4BUL/Ulrichs`s father in Scheidegg/Allgaeu, southern germany.

The QTH (JN47VN) is about 950m asl and has especially clear takeoffs into eastern and western directions. The border to Austria is only some few hundred metres away, therefore this is probably the southermost contest station in Germany!

We could use a room in one of the farm`s barns and now call it our shack. In
2003 a lot of work was done to install a room, which can stand the rough climatic conditions. (During DARC 10m-Contest it was -15 Celcius outside and not much warmer inside!)

From 2002 to 2003 I used homebrew monoband Yagis for 10m & 15m. See antenna projects for details.

2004 I decided to invest into new antennas... since end of September the Big Lift holds a 4ele SteppIR and a Cushcraft XM240 above it.
This is maybe too much for the tower, but during high winds the tower will stay down. (pray to heaven for no storm during every contest...)

The equipment normally consists of an IC781 & Alpha99 and a IC765 & Alpha78. SO2R-switching is done by ZS4TX Super Combo Keyer (SCKII) in combination with Win-Test, the best logging software on earth!

Antenna summary:
160m: invL with 2 elevated radials between trees
80m:   Dipole @30m hanging between trees
40m:   XM240 @19m
20m:   4ele SteppIR @17m, A3S @12m
15m:   4ele SteppIR @17m, A3S @12m
10m:   4ele SteppIR @17m, A3S @12m
2m:     2x7ele @12m
70cm:  19ele @14m


BigLift tower holds 40m 2ele above 4ele SteppIR

This is how it looks like in winter, when the tower is still down (4m high)

the (antenna) farm seen from north

DK1MM operating DM1A in WAG 2005. First time M/S from this station
Run on the left side, Mult in the background

SO2R-setup in 2004: IC781&IC4KL; TS850&Alpha78
ZS4TX DVK&SO2R-box; SteppIR-controller
remote antenna switch (Ameritron), WX0B stackmatch,
manual controller for MicroHam DoubleTenSwitch

DJ5MW operating DF0WA during WAG 2004

A3S @15m, Windom support



The station had to be removed in September 2009 and was rebuildt at an alternative QTH in 2012                                                                    eMail: dj5mw -at-